Artificial Intelligence Electronic Manipulation Bot

Artificial Intelligence Electronic Manipulation Bot will be designed for developing A.I on the web using standard protocols of communication such as ICQ, MSN, and especially AIM. The Bot will be able to under stand and collect as much data as possible from people's responses. Information is stored into databases and analyzed by the Bot engine on how to interpret responses and emotions. The Bot can be manipulated by its predecessors by easily sending commands that will update the Bot's programming code without having compilers and shutting the Bot down for maintenance.

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 July 5th, 2001 - License Update - Demitree

Just letting everyone we are updating our license for our project. Its GNU General Public License (GPL), Mozilla Public License (MPL), Other/Proprietary License now. The TOC Client components will be released under MPL, for communication purposes only, and the AI Engine code will be released under GPL & Proprietary License. What does that mean? You can use the AI Engine code freely under GPL projects only, and closed source projects too, but for royalties


 July 5th, 2001 - Toc Protocol - Demitree

For alot of people like me, finding the correct TOC Protocol Documentation for AOL's Protocol can be difficult. Minutes of searching could turn into hours, my friend Johannes was able to find the offical document of the AIM TOC Protocol version 1.0. And for your pleasure, we are releasing it!

Click here to download the AIM TOC Protocol 1.0


 July 4th, 2001 - Progress Update - Demitree

Today me and Johannes worked on more features for the AIM Bot. We implemented Packet Syncing and Packet timing, how great, if packets sent too fast, we get disconnected <g>. We added better stability, message implementation, added the TOC server class, and much more! Progress is going great! On the other side, after we finish with TOC, we will be moving to OSCAR (AOL's Binary Closed Protocol, Windows Client Version) protocol development, MSN, ICQ, and eventually Yahoo. But thats a long time away.

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 July 3rd, 2001 - We Did it! - Demitree

We have done it! After 40+ hours of hard work and development, me, and Johannes have developed a working AIM Client Protocol Library for Delphi! We can successfully send messages,read messages (console only for now!). We developed a simple little layout and will be tweaking the GUI of course.

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